I joined the Empower Network exactly one month ago. I loved the idea, “Blog Daily, Tell Others, Get Money”, and that is exactly what I did for the first two weeks.

The Empower Network was a unique idea that totally made sense to me, a blog platform that was all set up, so you didn’t have to have any “super blogging skills”, and the blogs would automatically rank well on the search engines, due to built in SEO software, etc.

A couple days after joining, there were network failures. “Growing pains”, I thought, after all, the Network is growing at an alarming rate! So, I continued to “Blog Daily”(whenever the network was accessable), “Tell Others”, and I waited to “Get Money”!

After a couple weeks, I had written 8 or 9 blog posts, but I had not seen a return on my investment. Then, suddenly, I logged on to the Network one morning, and all my blog posts were missing!

I had shared my blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and many Forums around the web. When those links were clicked, the only thing that would come up was my “capture page”, it made me look like a spammer, and I believe it has damaged my credibility.

I put in a service ticket, and after not hearing any responses for a week, I checked on it. It was marked “solved”….yet my blog posts still were gone!

I put in another ticket, and was informed after 3 or 4 days that the Empower Network was very sorry, but they couldn’t recover the blog posts, and they hoped that I could recover them (just how was I supposed to do that).

So, I wrote the service desk a letter, stating that I had paid for a blog platform that failed, and would like to have my money refunded. They simply responded by stating that the owners of Empower Network were very sorry they lost my blogs, and that it won’t happen again. But, of course, I now have doubts about that!

So, since they lost all my blog posts, that were supposed to make me money, here I am, writing my very first blog. Do you think it will make me money?

The Empower Network has made over 1.5 million dollars in a little over a month; but sadly, over half of that money has been made by less than 50 people, and most of those have inside connections to Empower Network, or have already established themselves in internet marketing.

This was supposed to be set up so anyone can make money, that is how it is being marketed. Unfortunately, I do not believe it is going to work. I drank the Kool-aid, now I must pay the consequences.

Best Wishes,

Jeff Ervin
CEO, Elk Mountain Inc